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The Beginning of Billy’s Real Estate Journey
with REI

One evening, after looking at my household budget for the upcoming month, I had some mixed thoughts. I thought about how lucky I am to be able to support my family, but also, how bad it is that, without overtime, I have to ask my wife to work and help out. I wanted to get away from this week to week life we have been surviving on. Some frustration at my job also came into play.

So, I turned to Google, as any self-respecting nerd would do. I searched for something along the lines of “how to earn extra money”, or “How to make a living from home”. The results from the search went to marketing something somebody else makes, Real Estate, or, further down, some awfully ‘scammy’ looking stuff. I can happily say that I never emailed the Nigerian Prince back.

I have heard statistics and seen commercials from traveling pitchmen about getting rich with real estate. I decided to invest some time I could waste someplace else checking into something close to work/home in real estate. Close to the top of my real estate google searches was something called
I clicked on the link. It took me to a website where I could email or call experts and possibly get my foot in the door. After calling the phone number provided (817-800-7877), I set up a meeting with Russ Keith at a Starbucks.

I then decided to do the unthinkable. Communicate with my wife. It shouldn’t end badly. This isn’t the craziest thing I’ve brought up to her. Saint Julia (some of the stuff she has put up with from me at least nominates her for sainthood) should be OK with checking into this. And she was ok with it.
On a weekend morning, halfway to an amusement park, we met with Russ Keith. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but that didn’t stop me from guessing. I assumed I would be told how real estate accounts for a lot of millionaires. I assumed an implication that I could be one of those millionaires. I assumed I would be sold a get rich quick computer program or weekend seminar that would make it incredibly easy. I was roughly half right and half wrong.

As expected, early in the conversation, Russ pointed out how many millionaires are made in real estate. (Ha, I was right). Only instead of promoting how fast and easy it was, he took a more honest approach and said most people don’t follow up and make a lot of money. It is often because they don’t do the work. He then proceeded to sell (not a computer program or weekend get rich tomorrow program) but a course on how making money in real estate works. He gave me a course outline, similar to a college degree program. It is a 16 week course and offers more support than those traveling pitchmen. He also invited me to a Crush It meetup with people currently aspiring to make money in real estate. This is when Russ received a text from his wife. Shortly after, we went our separate ways for the day. Because of Russ, I decided to give real estate a solid try.

-Billy Blogger


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